Guitarist looking for a duo for songwriting!

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Guitarist looking for a duo for songwriting!

Im Laila. I'm an 18y/o guitarist (have been playing for 3-4yrs) living in Vienna.
Im looking for a duo - could be a guitarist, painist or singer - to write songs with.
Ive written two or three songs but id like to practice songwriting and just have fun and jam :).

Im a big thrash metal fan but ive been only writting rock/grungy songs.

If youre around my age and would like to jam, let me know. We would jam in the 'T-on' studio which is next to the U4 station Kettenbrückengasse.
Please also have decent english skills - I'm fluent in German but would prefer to write songs in english :)
If more people are interested, a trio would be cool too.

and most importantly, rock on and have fun!


PS: you can contact me here or write me a mail under

Re: Guitarist looking for a duo for songwriting!

Hey, my name is Laura and I'm 19, I would love to do metal vocals or anything that has a kick to it.
For reference, I like to sing stuff like Exodus, Rainbow, Slayer, overall 80s metal and hard rock/rock.
I speak fluent english, so communication should not be a problem, I have a few songs of my own, all in english.
Looking forward to an answer and hell yes, rock on!


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