Looking for people to make angry as fuck Hardcore

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Looking for people to make angry as fuck Hardcore


I used to shout in Hardcore-ish Bands (few shows, more jams or practice) and want to do it again! I'm not very technical in my shouting, but I can provide the energy :)
I am 33 years old, work fulltime and have a little kid. So this is not a project that is based on a will to commit fully to the cause, this is a call for people who want to play angry-as-fuck music to deal with the world we live in on a semi-regular jam basis. Of course I would love to do it live as well, but there is no pressure.

I have no other people as of yet, so guitar, drums, bass, all of that is needed! We would also need to find a room to jam.

I want to make music that is commited to the political side of hardcore, I want this music to be angry because we are angry, not because it is fancy or trendy. If you are a sexist, homophobe, misogynist, transphobe, racist or antisemite please fuck off. If you don't have a political ideal that you believe in that is fine as long as you are aware that this project should and will be explicit about these topics. It would be great if you identify with Hardcore as a counterculture, and care for the music and the stuff that comes with it, such as DIY, political stands, the community that hardcore can and should provide.

I am straight edge, but I don't expect my future bandmembers to be edge.

All genders are welcome, thank you for reading through and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Bands I admire (for various reasons): Have Heart, Verse, American Nightmare, War on Women, Bane, Modern Life is War, Blacklisted, All for Nothing, Casey Jones Knocked Loose, Defeater, La Dispute, Magnitude, Mortality Rate, Power Alone, Restraining Order, Jesus Piece and so on, you get the idea.

Re: Looking for people to make angry as fuck Hardcore


I'm not that much into hardcore, but I like your spirit and enthusiasm about things. This is probably not the kind of thing you are looking for, but I am currently trying to find a singer for my project. The genre should be modern metal. References for the style I am aiming for are Beartooth, Bring me the Horizon, Architects, etc... This is also rather an online-collaboration than an actual band. I provide the songs/instrumentals - you provide the lyrics and vocals.

I know this is different, but your voice could fit the style if you like to sing metal music. Hit me up if you are interested.

Re: Looking for people to make angry as fuck Hardcore


I am chris! I am into punk and hardcore for quite a long time. I play guitar and I have band experince and some live experience. Your text is written with a lot of passion ?> well done :) Are you still searching for members? I would be interested!

Greets chris!


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