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Hardcore Punk Band

Hey there!
My name is Mel, I?m 29 years old and I?m looking for a hardcore punk band to join (or people to form a new one). I?m a bass player ? far from perfect but with lots of passion, I?d say.

I?m mainly looking for a fun project without big ambitions. I have a one year old son, so neither can I rehearse every night nor play gigs all around the world. But I?d be totally in if you?re looking for some smaller project with a weekly rehearsal and the occasional gig in Vienna here and there.
I?m a huge music nerd and listen to a lot of different genres. So style-wise I?m open to mixing. Genres I enjoy playing: hardcore, metalcore, black metal, thrash, post punk, dream pop etc. When it comes to the sound I could imagine something like Knocked Loose, Jesus Piece, Malice At The Palace, Modern Life Is War - with a low budget vibe. :D

My skill level isn?t that high but I?ve played in bands before. I don?t care if you?re a beginner or a pro as long as we?re having fun and get along. It is important to me though that you care about the hardcore community and are not just in it to earn a dime while playing a gig. Also: no racism/homophobia/antisemitism/sexism etc.

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Hi! I might be interested in building something alike, even though I'm more used to growl rather than scream, so I'd love to find something Crust/Punk/Death/Hardcore.. with dbeat. Bands of reference for what I would like to do are: Misantropic, Oathbreaker, Black Breath.. :)

Re: Hardcore Punk Band

I might be interested. I am mostly into emo and screamo music but also like post punk and dream pop. Not so much into metalcore or any type of metal. For Hardcore I like minor threat and that is about it. I play guitar intermediate to beginner level. For the sound well similar to my favorite bands like I hate myself, lazarus plot, hour of the star.

Re: Hardcore Punk Band

Your idea seems really interesting im a Guitar player with experience in punk rock indie.

If you are interested just write me a message would appreciate it. :3

Re: Hardcore Punk Band

Hi Mel,

I see that we have some common interests! If you need a screamer ( I used to scream pretty good, now not anymore) I would love to Jamm with you!
Send me an email vincenzotarascio11@gmail.com

Best regards,


Re: Hardcore Punk Band

Woman or man? I Search only man's (Punk) write me a Massage


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