Hi People! I am guitarist searching for drums and bass (also vocals) to jam with and maybe make some projects!

I can also speak German, but communication is more fluent on English...
First of all, my name is Dejan and I am studying jazz guitar here in Vienna. I am really searching for some drummers, bass guitarists and maybe singers to jam with!
Music that I would like to play is blues, psychedelic rock and prog rock from late 60's and 70s. If somebody is also interested in fusion and jazz, that is also possible. Here is some example check it out https://soundcloud.com/dejan-papulic/blues-imrpovisation-over-c
If you are interested you can send me an E-mail on dejanpapulic@gmail.com
I don't have rehearsal room, but I know some people and places where we can book it.