Hey y'all! I'll be writing in English, so that more people can understand the add. If you want, you can write back in German or Serbian :)

Basically, my idea is to start a band where I can share my ideas with other people. I am 31 years old and have been playing guitar for 17 years now. I am not a pro, but obviously not a beginner either, so if you are just starting, it probably doesn't make sense to write. Not being a dick, just sayin'.

I am looking for a bass player, a drummer, a singer (male or female, main thing is that you can sing, 'cause I sure as hell can't :D) and maybe a second guitar.

Anyway, I listen to a lot of music, anything from techno to reggae, so I am open to influences and ideas of all kinds, but I imagine the sound to be guitar-based, both heavy and clean, melodic but also simple and the most important thing - groovy. Bands I like and get inspired by when I'm writing riffs/songs are: Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Down, RATM, RHCP, but also stuff like City and Colour, Eric Gales and so on... So anything goes as long as it's moving the body. I imagine that different people can influence the riff in certain ways, so thinking in genres isn't always the right thing. The right thing is to meet and share and shape ideas together.

My idea is to just get to jammin' for starters, because I really want to play. We could also do covers in the beginning, but the emphasis is on my/our own stuff. I unfortunately don't have a studio, but with the right people anything can be done :D

My original instrumental song:

My other stuff varies in styles, so don't take this as a definitive sound, of course, it's just an example of my playing. But it is kinda representative, because there's both heavy riffing and laid back chord progressions.

If you like what you read/hear/see and want to make music together, let me know!