International indie folk band "Even If" looking for strings :) Indie-folk-Band sucht StreicherIn!

We are a five-piece indie folk band based in Vienna - unfortunately our violinist is moving this summer, which means we are looking for a new musician to join us! Our arrangements so far have had violin, but we're also open to other melody instruments (arrangements can always be adapted). Background vocals would also be great! Here's our instagram so you can get an impression right away:

A bit about us: We started as a Norwegian-Italian duo based on guitar and vocal harmonies before adding bass and percussion, and have a pretty broad range at the moment (from quieter emotional things to folky to fun bouncy songs). We got a fair few originals and more in the making, though we also play around 30 % covers at shows. Practice is usually once a week, and ideally we play concerts every couple of months - would also want to play festivals etc., in addition to the occasional paid gig for events. It's important to us that we get on well on and off the stage, so we also do the occasional band hang over pizza or so! Age-wise we're all around 30+-, so something not too far from that would be good :)

(Ich würde das alles noch einmal auf Deutsch schrieben, aber nachdem Englisch unsere Band-Sprache ist, hoffe ich dass der Absatz da eh gut verständlich ist :) Aber ihr könnt uns eh auch auf Deutsch anschreiben falls das leichter geht!)

Hoping to hear from you!