Shitty "band" looking for someone with bad taste and is kinda bad at instruments but likes to get drunk and make weird noises

Hey me and my friend have a """band""" and we're looking for someone who will get really drunk with us and make weird noises on synthisizers and other instruments.

We are not really restricted to genres but we have an affinity for ambient/noise/house/hypnagogic pop music. We were thinking it would be fun to get wasted and take our synths to the park and jam out in public and annoy the people around us and record these "live concerts".

It's totally okay (maybe even wanted) if you're not good at music theory or instruments because neither are we. You can reach out to us if you are good at some instrument too but please don't expect too much of us then.

Also if you're just down to get wasted in general that's cool too.

This is our current bandcamp:
On New Years Eve 2020 in the woods we drunkenly improvised a new album on Korg Volca FM & Kaosollator and recorded with the iPhone 6S Voice Memo app for example.