Bring me the Funk

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Bring me the Funk

(Apologies for the English but our band mostly use this as the main language in songs.)

Hello there,

Have you thought during your life either in bands or in practice, that you needed the funk?

If so don't worry because I am here, looking for people who can play some funky bass lines. This is really a project at the start as I just have names of people interested. So it may be we play a few times, grab some drinks and if there is something we look at making something out of it.

The focus of this project would be funk/blues/rock, we will go with stuff like RHCP and Mighty Imperials. But we can always see where it goes (Earth wind fire: just saying). Currently, our estimated age range in our band is 22-28yrs, I put keys down also and have no idea what we can do with them, but hey if you play let me know.

My only requirements are that you can play the instrument, like jamming with some sounds and have WhatsApp. If your interested get in touch with me and we can create a group and discuss songs to practice and in a few weeks we will assemble and jam. I have no plans for gigs or recording as I will simply see where this takes us. It could be a great band or it could be nothing but that experience is life itself.

Be hearing from you!
Stephen :)

Re: Bring me the Funk

I am Bassplayer and my direction is mostly groovy

Re: Bring me the Funk

I play the Saxophone and am looking for some nice Jamsessions. Do you have a place to practice?

Re: Bring me the Funk


Where and when do you have the next rehearsal?

Re: Bring me the Funk

Hi, are you still looking for a bass? Thx


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